A Look At Our Great Day!

Hi Everyone! Here’s a look at our great day today. The individual mini-learning stories shared below highlight some of the different learning opportunities from the day, as well as some possible extension ideas for this week. These stories do not include all of the learning from the day, but do focus on many key learning times and larger areas of exploration, including the extension of a class project. Please note that multiple students are included in each story, so flip through the images and pictures to see more. More photographs and videos are shared in the OneDrive folder that we will email to you tonight (only the ones not included in here), as we are still waiting on a few Media Consent forms. We also uploaded a few individual photographs and videos in here that might not be enough to share as part of a story, but do capture some moments from today. As always, we enjoyed seeing the language skills, math skills, social skills, and problem solving skills evident through play. Self-Reg was also highlighted today, as you can see in some of the documentation. 

A few stories from yesterday first …

Now for today …

This week, we’d love for you to continue to support independent play at home. Independent play allows for students to create, problem solve, and demonstrate literacy and math behaviours in different ways (from counting to storytelling). At home this week, try giving your child a small number of open-ended materials (e.g., recyclable items, paper and drawing/writing items, LEGO, blocks). Let them play independently with these materials (we would just choose one or two from the list). What can they create? What stories do they tell? What problems do they solve? If your child is new to independent play, start slow with encouraging about 5 minutes of this play. Then see if you can increase this to 20-30 minutes over time. We’d love to see and hear about what they do.

Have a great night! See you tomorrow!

Aviva and Paula